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Procion Dyeing Workshops:

Having Fun With Fibre Reactive Dyes -
2 day workshop - Beginners to Advanced

This 2-day workshop will give you the chance to have a play with Procion MX cold water dyes, which are really versatile and enable you to create an unlimited array of colours on a range of cottons, linens, flannelettes, silks and muslins. Procion MX dyes are just what you need for assemblage dyeing, where you can create a collection of fibres, threads and fabrics that are perfectly colour co-ordinated for a particular project.

We’ll be looking at various ways of creating exciting colour schemes and patterns on fabrics, including low water immersion, tray and ice-dyeing, as well as painting your own threads, laces and ribbons and working with stencils, masks and gel plates to make your own hand-dyed monoprint art cloth.

Dyeing Rainbow Fabrics and Threads with Procion MX Dyes -
2 day workshop - Beginners

If you’d love to have a go at dyeing your own cotton fabrics and sewing threads in bright, vibrant colourways, but are not sure how to do it and don’t want to have to buy a cupboard full of different dyes to get the colours you want, then this could be the workshop for you.

This intensive 2 day workshop will not only take you through the process of dyeing fabrics and threads with Procion MX dyes, but it will also explore colour theory, as it relates to colour characteristics and colour bias. It will help you understand what colour is all about and how you can control it.

Using just 3 to 6 primary dye colours you can mix a wide range of rainbow colour wheels, to give you a stash of fabric and thread palettes to work with.

Creating Tints, Tones and Shades with Procion MX Dyes -
2 day workshop - Intermediate

In this workshop you will be building on knowledge gained from the first session, to look more closely at the characteristics or attributes of colour, namely hue, value and chroma. In a series of practical experiments you will be able to dye fabrics in any given hue to produce lighter and darker versions and also explore how complementary colours work together to give you a range of toned hues, from fully saturated colour to chromatic and achromatic neutrals.

This course is designed for those who have either attended the above course (essential for beginners) or have some previous Procion MX dyeing experience and want to get more accurate and repeatable results and who also have some colour theory knowledge, but want to take it further.

Painting, Printing and Stitching with Procion MX Dyes -
2 day workshop - Beginners to Advanced

This 2 day workshop will be spread over two weekends to give fabrics time to be batched and laundered ready for stitching.

On the first day you will be dye painting and gelliplate monoprinting with thickened dyes, masks and stencils to create patterned and visually textured fabric panels that you can use to make a small wall hanging or quilt.

On the second day you will bring your laundered fabrics back to the workshop ready to cut out, quilt and embellish by hand or machine.

Although this course is suitable for all skill levels, basic sewing machine skills are recommended.

Note that, unlike the other workshops, this one takes place on two consecutive Saturdays.

Please email to request a workshop brochure and prices

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